Case Studies


  • A local operating company of a larger Global corporation had been undergoing significant changes in their management team over the last five years. Day to day operations had been stabilized and structure had been put in place to support that with a new management team.
  • A Global vision had been established.
  • There was a desire to look ahead to the future and set a direction for the local operating company over the next 2-3 years. This would enable long term growth and to manage immediate financial challenges.


  • Interviewed the management team to do an environmental scan and collect the issues they were currently facing.
  • Developed and facilitated a two day retreat to develop a vision, strategies and action plans using appreciative inquiry and traditional planning tools
  • Worked with the management team to develop ownership and generate practical action plans.
  • Developed a balanced scorecard that monitored progress towards the vision.
  • Continued to meet with the leadership team to provide support in using their balanced scorecard


  • One year after the initial planning session monthly revenue & profit results have been significantly ahead of target – in the face of declining markets and the tough economic environment
  • The management team have increased their strategic thinking & leadership capabilities, by integrating theirvision, actions and balanced scorecard into their daily management and monthly meetings and continually living their vision.
  • Employees have an increased sense of trust and excitement in the direction of the organization