Case Studies


  • Post merger, the targets set for investment seemed unlikely to be met by an R&D organization. It was not clear what needed to be done in order to meet the target or what the appropriate target contribution for each department should be.
  • The departmental leaders were scientists with strong scientific expertise.
  • There was little understanding of each department by each of the other department heads.


  • Created a business plan template to develop plans of how each R&D capability could grow their areas to support achieving of the overall target. This included $ investment targets, customer relationship strategies, resource projections and plans to achieve these targets.
  • Coached the department leaders to complete the templates.
  • Arranged presentations by each of the leaders to each other and the VP to allow for challenge and support in achieving their plan.
  • Engaged the Finance team in providing a rollup of these plans to identify the overall gap.
  • Tracked the completion of business plans and enabled increased completion at next cycle.


  • There was a new way of doing business, increased business acumen by all leaders and by their management teams.
  • As the process repeated each year managers became more involved in developing and presenting, increasing the strategic thinking capability of the division.
  • Each of the leaders dramatically improved their understanding of the business of each of the other departments by being involved in the review process.
  • Plans were used for a variety of communications to all stakeholders and investors.
  • Most importantly the R&D investment target was achieved by identifying the gaps that this process had set out to address.
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