Case Studies


  • A large hospital wanted to develop a process improvement strategy, aimed at reducing waiting and treatment times and improving quality of care for patients.
  • It had been agreed that all areas should participate in process improvement activities.
  • Managers had not been trained in process improvement approaches or techniques.


  • Created an overall high level process map with senior managers so framework for process improvement could be driven top down.
  • Provided customized training to all managers in the hospital and to cross functional teams to enable them to improve critical processes.
  • Partnered with senior management to enable implementation of this strategy, by coaching the coordinator and team leaders. Provided training to trainers and facilitators so this change could be sustained.


  • Improvements in specific areas of the hospital – both in direct patient care and in support processes.
  • Integrated process map enabled all managers to see their role in creating patient centred care.
  • Tools and approaches continued to be used after project was complete.
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