Case Studies

Situation: Leadership team of sales and marketing organization had developed a vision and their strategic imperatives but needed support and focus to bring into life. They needed to change their ways of working from short term crisis management to longer term proactive planning and thinking. Each of the leaders had different strengths and capabilities to make this come to life. The organization wanted to see measurable results from their planning exercise. Action: Assessed what had been done so existing frameworks and tools could be used. Interviewed each of the leadership team to understand status, did a SWOT and confirmed imperatives. Designed and facilitated a session to prioritize and agree imperatives and assign ownership. Worked with each of the leaders to develop initiatives and provided tools needed. Continued to work with each leader to flush out and get to practical action plans and measures. Developed a balanced scorecard to measure results. Results: Leadership team was engaged in implementing strategy.Teamwork was increased due to clear focus. Individual capabilities in strategy implementation were increased. A shift to longer term thinking emerged by keeping track through scorecards and integrating strategic discussions into Leadership team meetings

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