Improved planning process increasing accountability and focus


A 500-people organization had a complex planning process that used many tools. Reorganizations and changes had led to confusion about handoffs between different departments. Changes and initiatives never seemed to stick. Innovation and new ways of doing things were valued over follow through.


Assessed existing processes and tools. Interviewed and ran functional focus groups to identify strengths weaknesses and priorities for change. Designed and facilitated a solutions workshop for the leadership team to identify changes to the process. Worked with planning managers to coach them on how to implement change and work with sponsors for success.


Leadership team was engaged in the new process. Planning manager capabilities in change management were increased, two planning managers got promotions within the year. Focus was maintained on this initiative. Results one year later showed an increase or maintenance in each performance dimension of the planning process, with 35-60% increases in accountability and having a well-defined process.

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