Creating a Seamless Virtual Organisation



A biotech company was rapidly growing and using CROs and other partners to deliver its Clinical Regulatory and Safety operations, Service level agreements were in place and partnerships were working but it was recognized that to sustain future growth both parties needed to partner more effectively.


Created partnership principles with both parties. Ran a series of projects to assess how partnerships were working through surveys and focus groups. Developed action plans with partners that were focused on critical areas for improvement. Identified common areas of improvement that could be applied generally. Used these principles with other functions to improve performance.


Action plans were implemented quickly and new forums for better communications were instituted as well as transparency on changing plans and resource needs.  Both partners identified internal actions they needed to take to improve their own performance. One function repeated the survey a year later for five priority principles and saw a consistent to significantly increased performance in how those principles were working.  Program is extending to more areas in the business.

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