Designing Leaders Meetings

Creating business plans resulted in meeting investment goals

Situation: Post merger, the targets set for investment seemed unlikely to be met by an R&D organization. It was not clear what needed to be done in order to meet the target or what the appropriate target contribution for each department should be. The departmental leaders were scientists with strong scientific expertise. There was little understanding of each department by [...]

$1million reduction in waste – by focusing on measurable results

Situation: An organization’s culture was process heavy – focusing on how the end goal was reached rather than the goal itself. This had to change with a shifting business environment, the organization needed to be more agile. It was a difficult challenge as the leaders of the organization had been very successful by planning things out and monitoring milestones rather [...]

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Nonprofit organization increases its membership by 10% after launching its new vision

Situation:  A not for profit industry association had developed a new vision for where it wanted to take the organization There was no plan of how this vision would be achieved Action: Assessed what had been done so existing work could be built on Worked with a cross section of board and members to develop the key issues, strategies and [...]

Short Term Revenue and Profits Increase Through Setting a Long Term Direction

Situation: A local operating company of a larger Global corporation had been undergoing significant changes in their management team over the last five years. Day to day operations had been stabilized and structure had been put in place to support that with a new management team. A Global vision had been established. There was a desire to look ahead to the future [...]

Implementing Lean Sigma – with results!

Situation Post reorganization of division of over 200 people new roles and interrelationships being defined.  Resources were tight, there had been a shift to focus on customer facing roles and reduce operations / infrastructure resource.  As a new director of a newly formed operations department was asked to introduce a new lean Sigma capability and to role model as a [...]